KICK Milk Tea & Coffee
is a brainchild of Dhon Jason and Maricor de Belen. The couple first encountered bubble tea or milk tea during their frequent trips to Shanghai, China, Taiwan, and other asian countries, and it was an instant love. Looking for a business opportunity, and what business to start, they both decided to “Do What They Love” and later introduced it in Daet, Philippines in 2013.

KICK is the first milk tea & coffee shop in Daet, and in the province of Camarines Norte serving only the best. First of its kind to offer both tea, and coffee based beverages. Unique products that they have developed themselves that suited for the local Filipino taste. Every drink is carefully made-to-order, hand-crafted with passion, and is made with carefully selected ingredients imported from Taiwan, and the USA.

It has been a favorite “third space” for students, young professionals, and families looking for a friendly and relaxing retreat from their busy schedules. KICK offers a friendly, comfortable place to enjoy drink and dine.

KICK takes pride of its iconic milk tea flavors, espresso-based beverages and frappĂ©, delicious sandwiches, Belgian waffles, SPAM Burger, Nachos, cupcakes and more, that are very affordable and delicious that makes us the undisputed Number #1 milk tea - coffee shop in Camarines Norte.